Executive Coaching

In keeping with our mission to provide ethical leadership education that produces positive, long-term behavioral change, the Scarlett Leadership Institute offers a wide variety of coaching for all types of leadership challenges. Depending on the needs of your organization, our customizable executive coaching can be structured over the short or long term. Additionally, our coaches are independent experts in their respective fields, each with decades of experience and proven track records.
Behavioral Benefits

Organizations that have used Scarlett Leadership Institute executive coaching report the following changes in leadership skills, work ethics and interpersonal relationships:
  • Improved communications skills
  • More clear understanding of self
  • A broader overview of what makes a leader successful
  • Better understanding of conflict resolution
  • Greater sense of team building
  • Understanding of what it takes to create value and minimize problems
  • Contributes ideas and volunteers for projects
  • Clear grasp of importance of organizational culture
  • More balanced personal life style
  • A clear understanding of career

Coaching Types
Many of our client corporations use professional coaching to provide valuable insight on specific issues for key executive teams. Other times, busy senior executives require a personalized version of coaching content that fits neatly into a packed schedule. To meet these diverse needs, the Scarlett Leadership Institute offers the following principal coaching services:
Executive coaching:  Personalized and clearly defined coaching for CEOs and “C-Suite” executives that improves overall leadership effectiveness.
Manager success: Individual coaching that improves overall leadership effectiveness with principle focus on interpersonal skills.
Executive succession: Working with incoming and outgoing “C-suite” executives and other senior managers to develop a smooth transition for all parts of the affected organization.
Family business transition: Counsel, advice and practical solutions for families going through generational transition of a business.