Retreat Facilitation

Planning meetings and retreats are among the most important events on an executive's calendar, and yet for many customers it is difficult to achieve the stated goals for these events. The Scarlett Leadership Institute can provide assistance for executives who are responsible for these retreats and meetings to set the key objectives of the occasion up front and then ensure that the event itself achieves the specified goals.
Some of the ways that we can assist you include the following:
  • Help you establish the goals of the meeting or event you are planning
  • Develop an agenda that ensures a strategy for achieving the specified goals
  • Facilitate the session to help the group stay on track to achieve the objectives
  • Recommend and implement various group exercises that coincide with the topics being discussed and help lead the group toward meeting the objectives
  • Manage all of the note taking so that attendees of the event can focus on the objective and their participation
  • Write a report at the end of the event summarizing the end results and the paths taken to achieving the objectives