Success Stories

The Signature Executive Program is by far the most cost effective program I have used for executive development. Four of my senior staff have attended and in 14 months they all developed leadership skills that quickly elevated their performance beyond what I thought possible. They are more effective, more capable and more loyal employees because of this experience. Consider this the one training program you cannot afford to miss.
     - John Cerasuolo, President and COO, ADS Security

I am completely sold on the program “ we have put 10 thru so far, have one in the middle of his year, and our 11th starting in the spring. Of those that have finished I believe all but one would rate it as excellent and several describe it as a life changing experience. All of my senior staff are interested in having more of their respective associates participate. In terms of specific skill building, I think it has a noticeable impact on self-confidence and verbal communications.
     - Craig Philip, CEO, Ingram Barge

Over-all, I'm not sure you could get a better bang for the buck unless you want to pay the real long dollar for the big name and the extra travel costs. To add a little granularity, I value our experiences so far as follows: 2 have upped their performance considerably in terms of one transforming strategically, the other learning why God gave him 2 ears and only one mouth; 2 came back with significantly enhanced appreciation for principle-based leadership; the fifth came back with a great sense of self-confidence that he was as good as anybody else at his level.
     - Rick Frost, President and CEO, LP Building Products

I want to let you know how much we value the Scarlett Leadership Institute. Seven of the eight graduates from your program are still with us, and all seven have elevated their status within our organization. All have assumed additional responsibilities and all have been or will be promoted to higher positions. I know that their graduation from the Scarlett Leadership program was a major contributing factor to both their individual success as well as to the recent success of HealthSpring. We currently have two additional employees enrolled in the program and have every intention of continuing to identify employees worthy of participation. I personally thank you for all the time and effort that goes into making these programs such a valuable learning experience for our up and coming young executives.
    - Mike Mirt, President, HealthSpring, Inc.

The Signature Executive Program through the Scarlett Leadership Institute provides an effective and practical approach to leadership development. A solid core curriculum along with opportunities to interact with other participants and to hear from seasoned executives on current business challenges has proven to be a meaningful and worthwhile learning experience for Genesco participants.
    - Bob Dennis, President and CEO, Genesco Inc.

The Scarlett Institute is the best kept secret in corporate training in the country. It may be the most impactful training program anywhere, at any price.
     - Doug Stone, Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School, Co-Author, New York Times Business Bestseller: Difficult Conversations

The Signature Executive Program creates a culture of learning and improvement for all of us. As an instructor, I learn something new from each class of executives. We incorporate the fresh ideas into programs for the next class”it's all about looking for better, more effective ways to lead.
     - Mimi Bliss, Bliss Communications

The Signature Executive Program has a proven track record for developing high-potential leaders into executive leaders. Skill development in a wide range of topics form the foundation for effective and durable leadership. Moreover, students establish a network of peers for a lifetime. The value of such an investment cannot be overstated.
     - Michael Hewitt, Research Director for Exercise Science, Canyon Ranch Spa

The retreat week provided a level of self-awareness that was achieved through the "layers of protection being peeled back in each session was like no other development program I have ever attended.
      - Terri Schmidt, Director, HCA

The experience was greatly enhanced by the group dynamics that took place. The quality of the instruction was way over the top; the best people I have ever seen.
     - Dave Brown, VP, HR and Safety, Ingram Barge Company

The emphasis on personal leadership as a mechanism for professional development is unique, unexpected and appreciated. Marshall Goldsmith, Doug Stone, Debbie Goldstein and Michael Hewitt were especially inspiring. Equally great were the relationships formed and connections made with my talented teammates.
      - Michael Lomax, Managing Director, Wealth Management, SunTrust Bank

It was a life-changing experience¦I can't wait until our next session! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
     - Sherry Deutschmann, CEO, Letterlogic, Inc.

The classes and discussions were great but I think the greatest value was in meeting executives from other companies. This is really going to improve the quality of my "peer group and supply great resources for personal and professional support.
      - Michael Blankinship, VP, Product Development, Genesco

The program's level of class, commitment to excellence and professionalism speak very clearly throughout the entire education and leadership training process. You have built something unique and special for Belmont, Nashville and the state of Tennessee.
     - John Mark McDougal, Partner, Accounting and Assurance, Lattimore Black Morgan and Cain PC

About the retreat: What a tremendous week”the flow and core material present options/solutions to the challenges in fact every day. The best value I received was the interaction with my peers. We gain new insights from different lenses.
      - Chris McCall, Affiliate Head of Business Banking, Fifth Third Bank

Powerful, inspiring, eye-opening, life changing, life balancing, special, rewarding¦I am forever changed¦thank you! A reverent journey through higher personal and professional awareness.
     - Rob Taylor, Senior VP, Operations Support, Genesco